Together we can create a better future for humanity 

Starting right here in Brisbane City


1 in 4 people suffer with loneliness

That is over 500,000 people in Brisbane


Learn more about the epidemic that is loneliness.

Some people

  • Don't know where to turn.

  • Feel Lonely.

  • Feel like no one knows who they really are.

  • Some people don’t even know what it means to truly be human.

 Being Lonely in a city of millions of people is one of the worst experiences a person can go through

  • You are not powerless, you can change the circumstances.

  • The church exists for you to belong to a community, be known, loved and valued for who you are and start to make a real difference in the world.

Plan to make a positive change in your life and in the lives of others


Be brave, take the next step, there are people that need you, the future is ours to create.

 1, Attend a Sunday service.

2, Get involved in the community.

3, Discover your unique purpose by attending our next Growth Track Coarse.

4, Join the church team and use your experiences, talents, gifts and abilities to help others find a community and make a difference in the world.

We guarantee that

  • Together we will help people find a community to belong to

  • You will not be lonely

  • You will live a life fulfilled in every way

  • You will know what your life is about

  • You will positively impact the lives of others in a real and meaningful way


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Close the door on the past and open the door to the future

Take your next step




We don’t want anyone to feel lonely in Brisbane City.

You can make a difference