be inspired

Sometimes we can get caught up in the whirlwind of life that we can forget the simple truths that set us free. Take a moment today to watch some of the videos and be inspired to be the church.


the keys to success

who are you hanging with?

supernatural power

are you awake?

get it done!


stop thinking about your sin


hold your people close


We get so busy trying to make the world a better place that we can forget to help those closest to us. 

Question: God who have you placed in my life that you want me to love?

are you too busy for people?

For so long Christians have gathered around formalised programs and worship meetings and at Collective Church these things are important. But it's time we decided that gathering together for the simple purpose of loving one another and eating together was equally important.


When we allow God to change us from within, He will do Infinitely more than we might ask or think.

Allow your mind to dream of the impossible and live the wide open expansive life that God has for you.

the art of authenticity

Let's all stop with the facades. Our filtered lives are only feeding our insecurities. Let's have the courage to be honest and to be real, ask for help when we need it and always be ready to open your life to those around you.

It's time for humanity to pursue authentic relationships.