Special Documents

Document #1

Leadership Team Culture

  • To  know that God has called you to Collective Church, our vision, Our mission and our message. 

  • Be actively committed to out working the Vision, mission and message of our church. 

  • Committed to being loved and discipled

  • Committed to loving and discipling others.

  • Attend fortnightly leadership meeting.

  • Attend church weekly

  • Be involved in team (be open to helping out where needed and when needed) 

  • Be at discipleship Group fortnightly

  • Be at all Prayer meetings 

  • Prioritise time to Be at all church gatherings

  • Encouraging others to be at all church gatherings,

    (no pressure, but lots of purpose)

  • Be open, authentic, teachable and humble with your pastors

  • Be purposefully discipling others through DiscipleshipGroups

  • Protect, cover and build up one another. (We are family)

  • Always speak positively to general people about Church programs and leadership

  • Talk to your pastors about any foreseen problems

  • Keep a high degree of privacy about people (no gossip)

  • Watch out for divisive talk from people

  • Pray for our church and pastors on a daily basis

  • Remain in loving relationship with one another, always seeking the best for one another and continually building one another up

  • Talk highly of other churches and ministries