The Theology of Sunday Service Attendance.

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To begin the discussion of Sunday service attendance, it first must be established that when speaking of Sunday Service it is a concept based on the biblical term 'Sabbath'. The idea of the Sabbath first pops up in the Bible during creation where God created (worked) for six days, then on the seventh day He rested (Gen 2:2). Later it appears again in the 10 Commandments given to Moses, God establishes a formal covenant with Israel stipulating that they will keep the Sabbath day holy, and just like He rested on the seventh day, they are to rest too (Exo 20:8-11, Lev 23:3, Ezek 20:19-20). This practice of the Sabbath though established in the Old Testament was not forgotten in the New Testament with Jesus attending the synagogue as the Old Testament said to (Lk 4:15-16), and the early church would meet up regularly (Acts 2:42-47, Col 3:16).

Now it would be foolish to think that God was tired after the six days of creation and needed to rest on the seventh day, but like all His other commandments they have a two fold purpose; first and foremost to honour/worship God, and secondly to benefit/bless mankind. Yes, Sabbath was created for man to honour and worship God through prayer, serving, singing songs, learning from His Word etc, all the things normally done at a Sunday Service. However, it doesn't stop there because the Sabbath greatly blessed Israel, and now all who are part of the new covenant through Jesus Christ, by creating space in their busy week to rest, remember and refocus on Father God both as individuals and corporately. The Sabbath isn’t for God but it is about God, and fortunately those who worship Him are greatly blessed.

All this information is great, but what does it mean for the Christian today? Sunday Service is the only time where the Church can gather as a family to celebrate just how great our God is! It only takes us to carve out a moment of our week to be able to rest in the grace that He has lavished on His people. The fact that Jesus has atoned for our sins is the ultimate display of grace. It allows us to remember that regardless of the stresses we face in life, Our Almighty God, the One who made the universe, keeps everything in check so that we have a world to live in. It allows us to refocus by fixing our gaze firmly on Jesus again, not on all the things we get distracted by in this world.

Love from Collective.

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