The Theology Blog

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Hi Guys! Welcome to The Collective Church theology blog! 

At Collective, we are all about seeing the Church grow, not just numerically but to see individuals grow deeper and stronger in their faith. It is because of this, that we are so excited to launch this blog that will systematically breakdown theological truths of the Christian faith.

Each week we will be answering questions that aren’t covered on a regular Sunday service. Most importantly each answer will always be backed up with Scripture because this is the theology of the Christian faith.

Theology is a topic we should lean into. The definition of theology is defined from the Latin word theologia: the reasoning or discussion concerning God. To explain that in a more practical way it’s the study of God and Christianity, which is something that we do every time we go to church, attend our small groups, read our bible or have conversations about God.

Our hope is that through unpacking these Biblical themes each week it will present a strong Biblical understanding of the topic and begin a process of revising, reinforcing and relearning of theology, allowing us to grow, deepen and develop a correct understanding of how Christianity is to be played out on a day to day basis. 

Get ready for next week as we kick things off by unpacking  'the theology of Sunday Church attendance'.

We love you guys and we are so pumped to be going on this journey with you. 


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