The Theology Of Flipping Burgers

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The monotony of work is a struggle everyone faces whether it be flipping burgers, answering phones or writing reports. There are things about our work that we all enjoy but there are many things we don’t. The lack of variation and the repetition of tedious tasks can begin to be mind-numbingly boring but it is in these things that we can bring glory to God. It is easy to look at what we do and wonder if there is any point, or are we making a difference or is something more we could be doing for God. There is also the unspoken misunderstanding that best way to serve God is to do full-time ministry, it is true but there is often a mistaken notion of what ministry is.

Our jobs and the work we do is our ministry! It is a place that challenges a person to grow and develop skills, but also a place where they can grow spiritually. Yes, working results in us getting paid allowing us to live but it is so much more than that. For Christians the ministry of work should be used to bring glory to God through their actions at work; how they work by giving their full effort all the time (Col 3:23), how they treat those they work with (Eph 4:29-32, John 15:12) and how they conduct business (Prov 11:1, 22:1, Col 3:17). The interesting thing is the world is watching how Christians live out their faith in their everyday lives and work is a significant part of life.  

Work as a ministry, doubles as a mission fields for Christians (Matt 28:18-20, Acts 13:47, Rom 10:13-14). Christians spend up to 40 hours per week in close proximity which means there are avenues for them to share faith, gain understanding and demonstrate how Christianity plays out in real life. The struggle for many unbelievers is the disconnect they see between the Bible and the Christian, this is nothing new as Jesus spoke out against the hypocrites of the day and the love Christ showed to all brought people to faith.

So how can we make our work a ministry? The first thing that needs to be right is one’s perception of work. It is all about perspective. How a person views something determines their purpose and attitude towards it. If a person views their work as the thing that needs to be done, then work will have little meaning or significance, if it is an ever-present thought then it may hold a place of too high importance but if it is viewed as something that is a God ordained appointment, then you will look at each day as an opportunity rather than a routine. 

Do my actions, how I deal with co-workers and do business reflect Jesus?

How can I glorify God tomorrow in my work?

Is my work my ministry or my misery?

How can I bring glory to God when doing the ‘mind-numbing tasks’?